South West Water Works Locations Sept 2022

R&M Utilities intend to commence work on the “1641 Newton Ferrers/Noss Mayo phase 3 rehab works”  project starting on Monday 26 September 2022 with completion during week of 24 October 2022.

To undertake a programme of works over continuous 5-day suitable periods on low tidal windows during daylight hours to undertake modification and repair works to the existing sewer manhole chambers within the estuary of Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo.

MH 7804 in Newton Creek – internal manual rehabilitation

MH 8710 and MH 8714 in Noss Creek – chamber replacements use of excavator

MH 8709 in Noss Creek – chamber seal rehabilitation

MH 9807 and 8933 in Newton Creek – locate and raise buried chambers

Cut out pipe and sample to locations between MH 8718 and 8708, MH 9807 and 9808, MH0805 and 9807

This is part of an ongoing programme to identify and alleviate infiltration and exfiltration along various chamber locations on the sewer line.

Locations for access are restricted and, in most cases, only assessable via foot using pedestrian walkways. There are a couple of slipways available for use of mobile plant subject to the risk of working in tidal conditions.

For this reason, all works along the Newton Ferrers section will be undertaken manually. The use of mobile plant will only be considered for use on the firmer estuary bed that being on the Noss Mayo side

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