Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

There is a nationwide push to plant more trees and Parishes and Community groups around the country have been actively doing so. Locally, the Yealm Estuary to Moor (YEM) Wildlife Corridor Project is helping to create more natural spaces along the river catchment including planting trees.

However, there is a shortage of tree seedlings and whips so communities are being encouraged to grow their own trees!

It starts with a seed. We are therefore asking for help with collecting tree seed (eg fruit, nuts and bracts). Gathering seeds with family, friends or colleagues is a great way to spend time outdoors and can make a difference. October is a good time to collect seed from Blackthorn, crab apple, alder and oak.

Growing a tree seedling is something that everybody can do. Whilst YEM is happy to take any native tree seeds/berries you collect you may want to grow tree seedlings yourself. Seeds, such as acorns can be planted immediately into trays or troughs using a mix of compost and vermiculite and keep outside protected from frost and direct sun (and protect from birds and mice). Water as necessary.

YEM can then take your collected seeds or seedlings and grow them on until they are large enough to be planted out.

We have produced 2 simple guides to collecting seeds and growing seedlings with lots of useful links to further information. So please do contact us for more information on the YEM Project at info@yemcorridor.com or see our website guidance on collecting and growing tree seeds http://www.yemcorridor.com/index.php/articles/help-grow-trees