Roadmender Elastomac

1            You may have seen that the potholes on Bridgend Hill have been marked with white paint, this is in preparation for Devon Highways to repair the Potholes on Bridgend Hill using a new material “Roadmender Elastomac” as part of a larger trial.

You may have seen the repairs on the A379 from  Brixton towards Otter Garden centre where this has been used.

Roadmender Elastomac – a sustainable, cost-effective solution to Potholes

It is only a repair process for smaller areas and they reiterate that it is on trial, so not generally available for all repairs.

Devon Highways hope that the repairs are complete by end of July 2023

2            Additionally, our local Highways Officer has submitted the following roads for resurfacing as part of the 2024 – 25 capital budget :

  • Bridgend Hill
  • Widey Hill
  • Stoke Cross to Revelstoke House ( approach to Revelstoke Caravan park ).