Newton And Noss Network

Newton & Noss Network

The Newton & Noss Network is a funding initiative for the sourcing and provision of financial support to Projects which strengthen the local Community. This was identified in the Parish Plan (2004) based on a questionnaire circulated to all Parishioners.

The Network is independent, with its own constitution and bank account. It is managed by a committee that is knowledgeable of the competing needs of the Community, and experienced in accessing resources and funding for Projects.

Each Project supported by The Network will be autonomous, with its own management and delivery team.

Recent Projects include: Community Sailing, Defibrillator Supply & Training, Community Orchard, Spirit of Yealm History Book, Digital Champions, Christmas Lights and Power to the Newton Green.

Major funding sources have been: The National Lottery, Devon County Council, South Hams District Council, The Newton & Noss Parish Council, The River Yealm District Association, The Revelstoke Community Trust, The Lord Barnby Trust, South Hams Radio, Co-Op SW, The Youth Bank, The Big Lottery, Local Businesses and Local Enterprises.

Plans for Projects which need financial support should be submitted for assessment to The Network’s management committee

Chairman:  Arthur Peters

Treasurer: Sue Hinchliffe

Yealm University of the 3rd Age ( U3A )

The U3A is a national organisation whose aim it is to be recognised as a leader in positive ageing, thereby benefiting the well-being of communities with retired residents. ‘Learn, laugh and live’ may provide the U3A with its new strapline, but the remit remains the same which is to enrich the lives of its members through a diverse range of activities.

The U3A committee, together with excellent group leaders, are keen to encourage all members to be active, socially connect, take notice and keep learning. Through regular meetings and speaker events, group leaders provide opportunities to talk, share interests and ideas, whilst offering the opportunity to learn with and from each other, through a diverse range of activities listed here.

The Yealm branch of the U3A was formed in 2007 and has an ever increasing membership. We have 14 groups, all of whom are organised by volunteers who give of their time freely. Active participation is a vital part of the success of all groups, the timings and dates of which are updated on a monthly basis on our new website.

Please follow the link to the U3A website  where you can access details of activities and the contact details for group leaders.

The River Yealm District Association (RYDA)

RYDA is an association that aims to provide and support a wide range of activities to benefits the community. Its key aims are to preserve the natural beauty of the River Yealm and our surrounding countryside and villages and to protect areas of significant character and historic interest. Additionally, RYDA aims to maintain and seek to improve the amenities and services of the district.

To discover more on RYDA’s mission and membership opportunities, please see their website :

The Revelstoke Community Trust

A Brief History

When Lord Revelstoke’s Membland Estate was sold in 1915 Church Cottage was bought personally by the then Rector of St. Peter Revelstoke (Rev. Roome) and two church wardens. They subsequently created a trust to ensure that the use of the property was to be in the best interests of St. Peter’s Church and the Revelstoke Community. For many years Church Cottage was lived in by the Sexton and his family. This method of purchase had the advantage that it prevented Church Cottage being treated as Glebe land and thereby being appropriated by the Diocese.

In 1991, Church Cottage was sold for £121,000 and a formal Trust was registered to administer the proceeds – again in the best interests of St. Peter’s Church and the Revelstoke Community. The first meeting of the Trustees took place in 1993 and since then over £176,000 has been distributed in grants to local organisations and individuals. This has been made possible as a result of a good increase in the value of the Trust’s investments.

The objects of the Revelstoke Community Trust ( RCT ) are broadly to use its income to benefit the local community. Each year the Trustees ask for grant applications from village organizations, causes and individuals. In the past five years an average of over £10,000 has been distributed.

In addition, the RCT has owned since 2005 the freehold of the premises on Newton Hill, which are occupied by the Community Post Office & Stores. All loans (which together with donations to the Post Office Action Group enabled the premises to be purchased) have now been repaid and the Trust has also made improvements to the building. Currently the RCT supports the Post Office & Stores business financially by way of a rent waiver, receiving a token £100 per year.

Under the terms of the Trust, the Trustees are empowered to receive donations or bequests to further the aims of the RCT.

 Mary Wilcox, Chairman RCT

Susan Hallet, Honorary Secretary RCT

If you are interested in Revelstoke Community Trust, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, who will be pleased to pass your enquiry on.