Low Tide At The Harbour Office

Tide Times for the River Yealm

The River Yealm, Newton Creek and Noss Creek, (  ie the water that lies between our villages)  is tidal, meaning use of the water will be limited to when the tide is high.

At low tide there appear two “vosses”. These are ancient solid man-made pathways across the estuary mud usable as crossing points. The Newton Voss crosses the Newton Creek between Riverside Road West below the Dolphin Inn to near the Swan Inn. The Noss Voss crosses the brook between the Swan Inn and the Ship Inn in Noss Mayo.

The Vosses are only crossable at around low tide – ie when the tide height drops below 1.9 metres.

You can buy a local tide times booklet at the Post Office or online via Tide Times.org.uk.