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Devon Air Ambulance Trust Landing Site

The parish is very fortunate to have a Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT) landing site at Butts Park on the lower east side of the playing field. The light was funded through a grant from the DAAT and a local donation.

Operating and landing in towns and villages during the hours of darkness is different to how they operate during daylight. To support ‘night’ operations, DAAT are working with communities to create a network of Community Landing Sites which are open spaces with either existing or newly installed floodlighting that we can operate remotely. The development of these sites is part-funded and managed by local communities.

We are proud to be one of over 130 active Community Landing Sites in towns and villages throughout Devon.

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Using sites like this when it’s dark means we can land in the heart of a community and reach patients much quicker and safer than if we had to land in a ‘dark field’.