Event bookings

The Parish Council owns a number of facilities which can be used for events including Butts Park Sports Pavilion and Playing Field, Noss Green and Noss Orchard. A number of very successful events have been held over the past year which have included The Regatta Dance, Church Fetes and a local wedding.

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Football Club
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The Parish Council recognises the opportunities for these sites to host a range of enjoyable, exciting and well managed private and community events.

If you would like to hold an event on Parish land, please contact The Parish Clerk for an application form and to discuss dates and availability.

There are a number of considerations including risk assessments, licences, waste management plans and cost and full details are included in the application form.

Good quality events require careful preparation and management and the procedures in the form set out the matters that will need to be considered by anyone wishing to operate an event on Newton and Noss Parish Council land – and the terms and conditions under which events can be booked.

The Butts Park  Sports Pavilion and playing fields are also home to the Revelstoke Rangers Football Club and Yealm Cricket Club who pay a yearly fee to use the facilities.

If you would like to run a club on Parish Council land, please contact The Parish Clerk: clerk@newtonandnoss-pc.gov.uk