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Community Land Trust

Community Land Trust

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a Not-for-Profit Organisation set up to benefit a specific community or communities.

The creation of Newton and Noss Community Land Trust (CLT) grew out of a proposed action in our Neighbourhood Plan but has its roots in many years of community action to help protect the long term sustainability of our villages.  As a CLT, we can own land and other assets, which are important to our community. The role of a CLT is to ensure that local people remain in control of local assets. Two members of the Parish Council are currently members of the Community Land Trust.

Our aim is to enable families and individuals with a ‘Strong Local Connection’, who need to rent their homes, to continue to live and work within the Parish, thus rebalancing and strengthening our community. Social rent homes built by the CLT will be retained in perpetuity for the local community.

Social Rent homes have rents pegged to local incomes, and provide a truly affordable, secure housing option. Social Rent homes are provided by Housing Associations (not-for-profit organisations that own, let, and manage rented housing) and let to households assessed by Devon Home Choice as being in Housing Need in bands A, B, C, D or E. The rent will never exceed the Local Housing Allowance rate.

For more information please visit: https://www.devonhomechoice.com/

More information on Community Land Trusts can be found on the National CLT Network website: http://www.communitylandtrusts.org.uk/