Environment and Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

The Parish Council has declared a Climate Emergency.

The Parish Councillors recognise that as a result of human activity the earth is now in a period of climate change and at the same time environmental degradation.

Therefore as the body which represents our local population at the grass roots level we call upon Government in Westminster, Devon County Council and South Hams District Council to do all in their powers to take measures aimed at halting climate change and to improve the environment for the benefit both of mankind and the rest of the natural world.

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Environmental Policy

The Parish Council already has a comprehensive Environmental Policy which is easily found on the website.

We undertake from now on to cooperate with our neighbouring Parishes, local interested groups and Statutory Bodies to take what practical steps are open to us and to support others in actions aimed at carbon neutrality and environmental protection and enhancement.

We are fortunate in this Parish to have a community orchard, playing fields, woodland and estuarine areas directly owned and managed by the Parish Council. Additionally, there is a woodland burial site and solar farm within the parish.

The Council will be pleased to facilitate projects which the community can agree upon with climate and environmental protection as an aim.

Motion passed by Newton Noss Parish Council 12 December 2019.

The Parish Council has a Climate Emergency and Bio-diversity Committee and you can read more about the work of this group below.