Clerk’s Employment : Chairman Peter Hinchliffe, Vice Chairman, Caroline Adams, Christine Phillipson

Emergency Planning : Peter Hinchliffe, Tony Tubb

Standing Orders : Clerk, Chairman, Rodney Carter

Media Liaison : Caroline Adams

Health and Safety : Rodney Carter

Risk Assessments : Rodney Carter, Clerk

Community Facilities / Maintenance

Annual Asset Inspection : All Members

Footpaths ( Footpaths Including footpath guide and benches ) : Tony Tubb

General works (Including grounds maintenance and Popes Quay ) : Rodney Carter

Noss Green ( Including The Green, play park, car park and community orchard ) : Chris Phillipson, Mark Steggles

Butts Park ( Including play park, playing field and pavilion ) : Paul Hardy, Tony Tubb

Newton Ferrers Green ( Including The Green Triangle and green area by Dillons ) : Caroline Adams

DAAT Landing Light : Clerk

Tennis Courts : Newton and Noss Tennis Club

Snow Warden : Mark Steggles

Local Representation

Harbour Authority : Rodney Carter, Peter Hinchliffe, Mark Steggles

Yealm Estuary Management Gp : Chairman Peter Hinchcliffe, Rodney Carter

Newton & Noss Village Hall : tbc

W.I. Community Hall : Caroline Adams

Neighbourhood Plan : Chris Phillipson, Caroline Adams, Chairman Peter Hinchliffe

Community Land Trust : Caroline Adams, Chris Phillipson

Twinning Association : Chairman Peter Hinchliffe (Honorary President), Catherine Gilbert

Office of Police and Crime Commissioner : Councillor advocate: Peter Hinchliffe, Clerk

Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm : Caroline Adams

Parish volunteers *

Tree Warden : Maria Christell

Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm : Caroline Hirst

Snow Warden : Richard Holman,

Devon Air Ambulance Trust : Colin Lyndon

Sports Pavilion : Colin Lyndon

* Volunteers refer to voluntary assistance and not Parish Council membership