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Tree surveys

We are lucky to have a huge number of trees in our Parish and the Parish Council is committed to preserving trees where possible and planting new ones.

Trees on Parish owned land are surveyed each year by an arborculturalist and work carried out in accordance with the recommendations.


Tree Warden

We are fortunate to have a volunteer Tree Warden for the Parish who is part of the South Hams District Council Tree Warden Network.

Our volunteer Tree Warden is Maria Christell, who is passionate about protecting the trees in our parish. Along with providing specific comments on protected tree applications, she can also help by directing residents to useful information, professional bodies or the District Council’s tree specialists on matters of tree protection.

What a Tree Warden can do

As a Parish Council we are hugely grateful for the important contributions our Tree Wardens make towards supporting the management of protected trees and ensuring that trees matter. They work hard to champion trees and woods, offer informal advice to residents, and highlight issues of national and local importance such as the current ash dieback threat. Tree Wardens often work with the Council’s tree officers, parish councils and voluntary organisations.

What a Tree Warden cannot do

Although the Tree Wardens have excellent levels of understanding, they are not a substitute for qualified arboriculturists. Tree Wardens are not covered by public indemnity insurance, which is important when discussing tree safety issues, or advising about trees which are suffering from diseases such as ash dieback. For that reason, we will always advise that residents are directed to a suitably qualified tree surgeon or arboricultural consultant.

A Tree Warden is not the same as a Tree Officer – The Tree Officer is a position held by the Councils’ employed Specialists. Please see link below for the South Hams District Council Tree pages.

To contact our Tree Warden, please email the Parish Clerk: clerk@newtonandnoss-pc.gov.uk

Tree Preservation Orders

Specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands within the Parish are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). A TPO gives legal protection to a tree, group of trees or area of woodland that is considered to be of value to the community. TPOs are served and enforced by South Hams District Council.

To find out which trees are subject to a TPO, click the link to use the interactive mapping tool.